Imagine Developing A Marriage Relationship That Lasts A Lifetime!

Want to accomplish big dreams 
with your spouse?

We will provide  strategies to empower you and your spouse to develop a fulfilling and purpose-driven marriage.

Hello, we are 
Darryl and Charlotte

We have been married 22 plus years. We are passionate about life and each other. We also have a desire to see other marriages realize the power of "Becoming One" and the importance of being a true partner, friend, and companion for life. We have written books, created successful one-day events, and weekly courses for couples. One day we had an epiphany. What if we take all the knowledge, expertise, and experience that we have accumulated over the years and create an online course. Eureka! That is how Marriage Course Recipe was born.

Marriage is a beautiful union, but sometimes you may be confronted with difficulties that may require the assistance of third-party, such as unresolved anger, lack of trust, unidentified fear, lack of intimacy or poor communication.

We assist traditional married couples in discovering the real purpose and rewards of developing a healthy marriage by teaching principles couples can use daily to build a long lasting relationship.
We are able to identify issues and provide viable solutions! 

Marriage Success is Possible!
Get The Assistance You Need.

To Learn Effective Communication Strategies
To Learn How To Produce Positive Results in Your Relationship
To Learn How to Guard Against Infidelity
To Learn How To Address and Find Resolutions For Difficult Topics

"Our experience was excellent!
We were free to share without them 
having any biases towards a particular
person or feeling judged."

"Working with the Bakers open 
doors for us. We learned how to stop 
looking at each other and focus on 
what we needed to change."

access to private members community
Access to private Facebook Group. Group will be archived once the course ends.
step by step video tutorials
Work at your own pace week by week in your own home.
live Zoom calls
Attend Live Zoom calls and have access to live admin team twice a week.

Plus Bonuses for the One-Time Payment Option...

Bonus #1
Marriage Journal to use during and after the course.

Bonus #2
"Insider Tips On Building A Healthy Marriage"

Bonus #3
"Debunking Marriage Myths"

Bonus #4
 "Marriage Takes Three" with Workbook

Bonus #5
Two couples will receive a complimentary relationship assessment from a #1 evidence based relationship program

Bonus #6
Two couples will each receive one
one-on-one consultation

Looking for ways to refresh 
your marriage relationship?

Holding on the unresolved 
anger toward your spouse?

Need solutions for "Hot Topics."

Need assistance discovering your blind spots?

Have you set boundaries in your relationship?

"We learned that when communicating we need to repeat what we 
hear our partner is saying to make sure we understand before responding. 
This helped us improve our communication."

The Recipe to Breaking The Cycle of Broken Family Dynamics and Creating a New Paradigm.
Apply Strategies

Marriage Success

Why should you listen to us?

Point #1

We have 22 Plus Years of Marriage Experience.

Point #2

A Master's degree in Pre-Marital and Marriage Counseling.

Point #3

Provided one-on-one marriage guidance and hosted group couple events for several years.

"Our experience was excellent! 
We were free to share without them
 having any biases towards a particular person or feeling judged."   

You can develop a fulfilling marriage by choosing to work together and focus on
 "Enriching Your Marriage One Day A Time."

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the digital course?
The Marriage Course Digital Recipe course is a six-week course.
Is the Marriage Course Recipe a live course?
No, the course is online which gives you the flexibility to review at any time once each module is released.  New modules are released on a weekly basis.
Will there be any live sessions?
All of the course material is prerecorded, but you will have access to three live Zoom calls over the course of the six weeks.
Is this course for all married couples no matter how many years they have been married?
Yes, all married couples can benefit from this course.  
What if we need a one-on-one consultation, is that an option?
Yes, one-on-one consultations are available.  Go to for details. pricing, and booking availability.
Can one spouse take the course?
We do not recommend it because the course is structured with time sensitive activities and questions for both spouses to complete.
If you have any questions, please email us at
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